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We are Setterforth!

Setterforth is from the Greek word “katangeleus”, meaning a proclaimer. It is also used for a reporter, announcer, or herald. As seen in


Acts 17:18 (KJV) ...He seemeth to be a SETTERFORTH of strange gods: because he preached unto them Jesus, and the resurrection. 

Here, the Apostle Paul is referred to as a Setterforth (proclaimer) of strange gods by the Epicureans and of the Stoicks because he preached unto them Jesus and the resurrection.

We are Setterforth! Proclaimers of the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Our call? To “resettle abandoned cities.” We want to reach millions across Europe and the world with the Gospel. This vision is founded on three pillars: Evangelism, Church revival and Discipleship.


Sharing the Gospel is what we’ve been called to do. Our focus on evangelism stems from a deep desire to share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ with the world. Through various outreach programs, community events, and heartfelt connections, we strive to make the Gospel accessible to individuals from all walks of life.

We have a mission to break barriers and build bridges to the unchurched through our "Go and Teach" and "Come and See" approach - Matthew 28:19-20, John 4: 29.

Church Revival

As the Apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians 4:20, the kingdom of God is not in word but in power. To navigate the perils of the modern world, we engage the body of Christ in the life-changing impact of a Holy Ghost revival.


We foster a deep connection with the Holy Ghost and integrate His divine influence into our daily experiences through passionate worship, fervent prayer, and biblically grounded teachings.


We are dedicated to creating an environment where individuals can grow in their faith, understanding, and commitment to Christ. Through ministry to all ages, we guide and equip people to live out the teachings of Jesus in their everyday lives.

Whether exploring your faith for the first time or seeking a community where you can grow spiritually, Setterforth welcomes you with open arms. 

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